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Experience life through food —
a cross-cultural fusion escapade provoking your senses

Chef Danny has a love for food that drives him to explore new flavour combinations and dishes. His passion and thirst for knowledge allow him to express an innovative approach to cooking, using ingredients in not-so-common ways. His platter will undoubtedly provoke your senses and satisfy every craving, all while crafting new culinary trends.

There’s nothing better than enjoying food and drinks after a long day or spending time with friends. That’s what CraftandFood’s all about — learning and sharing ideas & experiences.

Join CraftandFood on this experiential odyssey in crafting a cross-cultural fusion that will provoke your senses.

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CraftandFood curates dishes that are perfect for home delivery. Each selection is good for four portions!
Amazing service. Putting my fine dining experience into service at a friend's home. Solid food.
Decadent cream and was not too sweet, was really just nice. The crust was really good, baked to perfection.
Xin Hui
I like that the choux pastry is slightly bitter and balances the sweet MSW durian filling nicely.
The cream was very light, generous and flavourful, was not too sweet, definitely enjoyed it! The crust was crispy as well!
Audrey w.
The sweetness of the top crunchy layer was a perfect balance to the less sweet inside. The durian was also not too overpowering and very flavorful
arena kh.
One of our favourite private dining/premium food catering services ever. Danny always puts in all the effort to ensure the best experience for his customers.
two broke girls
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