Enjoy the luxurious taste of premium durians with our all-new classic French Choux au Craquelin. Indulge in a good time for yourself, or get it as a gift to celebrate your love for those around you.

Either way, there’s no wrong way to enjoy this CraftandFood delight.

Mao Shan Wang (MSW) Durian*

S$36 per box

D24 Durian

S$30 per box

*Recommended for durian lovers.

Each box contains 6 Durian Choux au Craquelins.

Island wide delivery. $12 per location.


6 handcrafted Durian Choux au Craquelins.

An original French pastry filled with Mao Shan Wang (MSW) / D24 durian Crème Légère in a choux pastry, topped with a crunchy caramelised brittle of pecan and hazelnuts. Freshly made for every order.

Lasts up to three days with refrigeration.


The cream was very light, generous and flavourful, was not too sweet, definitely enjoyed it! The crust was crispy as well!

Audrey W.

Marketing Lead, Twitter

Decadent cream and was not too sweet, was really just nice. The crust was really good, baked to perfection.

Xin Hui T.

Marketing Lead, Twitter

The sweetness of the top crunchy layer was a perfect balance to the less sweet inside. It was a good harmony of flavors! The durian was also not too overpowering and very flavorful 

Arena KH.

Marketing Lead, Twitter

Even as someone who is not the biggest fan of durians, I could enjoy it and the crust was really yummy and fragrant as well. 

Erica L.

Marketing Lead, Twitter

‍We only accept PayNow payment:

  1. Make payment via PayNow to CraftandFood mobile no: 97855990
  2. Under PayNow Billing Reference, indicate your order details in the following manner:
    eg. 3 Box MSW > 3MSW-YourPhoneNumber,
    2 Box MSW, 1 Box D24 > 2MSW1D24-YourPhoneNumber
  3. Upon receiving payment, a confirmation message (Whatsapp/SMS) will be sent to your mobile number
  4. Do note that orders submitted with invalid PayNow Billing Reference details will not be registered properly and may result in a delay of your desired delivery date.

Things to note for delivery:

  • Flat rate of $12 per single location. Island-wide delivery.
  • Free delivery for orders with three boxes or above. Only applicable for one location.
  • Upon receiving products, keep refrigerated. They can last up to three days.

Feel free to contact us on Whatsapp +65 97855990 if you have any questions.

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